Leadership Moments Come Unexpectedly

At the NPLI, we have studied terror attacks for years. We have seen graphic images and heard wrenching descriptions of the horror. Monday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon, however, brought it all home. We saw tragedy and heroism side by side. We reflected on the role of leadership in crisis for a piece for HBR.org.

“It is in difficult times like these that we are hungriest for leadership, for people who can restore order, find the perpetrators, organize the aftermath, and help us find meaning and common purpose. People are wounded, whether physically or emotionally. Even those who only watched the events on television can feel the effects. Leaders, too, are affected — they’re only human. But leadership moments come unexpectedly for each of us. ”

Our thoughts are with those who are grieving or in recovery. Our thanks go to the many men and women who stepped up — who led — and prevented a terrible scene from descending into chaos. We are proud of the NPLIers who were involved in the response and who continue working on the investigation.