McConnell calls for Meta-leadership on Cybersecurity

Former Director for National Intelligence Mike McConnell has called for meta-leadership as the nation prepares for more and larger cyber attacks in Politico:

For NIST to bring all of the parties together and create meaningful change, I believe that its senior leaders must become directly involved in this effort, bringing to it these enterprisewide leadership skills, and the engagement of the Department of Commerce, and interagency and business leadership. The commercial finance, energy and other private industry players need to understand that the government can provide unique, sensitive information and help create information sharing standards across industries that are consistent, and the government needs to better understand the needs of the private sector. We won’t overcome these challenges without executive branch “meta-leadership.”

We couldn’t agree more with McConnell. In order to meet the growing cyber challenge, the public, private, and non-profit sectors are going to have to work together. to find ways to share information and leverage resources.