NPLI Alum Nominated for Outstanding Public Service

Kevin Hannes (Cohort IX) and the FEMA Operation Precious Cargo Team have been nominated for a Samuel J. Heyman Service to America Medal for public service. Kevin and his team, “Coordinated emergency assistance when tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors from Central America crossed the Southwest border, providing them food, shelter and medical care, and helping unite the children with family members.”

Sandy Coachman, a FEMA coordinating officer and Hannes’ supervisor, said Hannes was “a very strong leader who guided the effort,” and with his FEMA Operation Precious Cargo Team in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, “helped bring the agencies together” to deal with the difficult and politically-sensitive refugee crisis.

We asked Hannes what meta-leadership lessons and tools he applied during this event and he replied, “As I thought about your request it was quite simple …. W.I.N [Whole Image Negotiation] …. The lesson of the Walk in the Woods was a key tenant of meta leadership that was applied in the beginning on a daily basis. It’s value allowed us to achieve unity of effort and establish outcomes that together we could all support and move towards.”

Our congratulations and gratitude go out to Kevin and his entire FEMA team for their service.