McKinney Named Exec Director of IMDC

The Illinois Medical District Commission has named Suzet McKinney (Cohort VIIII and an NPLI program faculty member) as its new Executive Director. McKinney is currently the Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of Public Health Preparedness & Emergency Response and the Division of Women & Children’s Health at the Chicago Department of Public Health.

According to the IMDC, McKinney’s responsibilities will include: “continuation of the 2012 strategic plan created with Illinois Medical District (IMD) stakeholders and the Boston Consulting Group which prioritizes the IMD’s key initiatives into four key “pillars.” These include the development of approximately 45 acres of land, fostering translational research, promoting community health, and managing and leveraging clinical data.”

According to its website, The IMDC “fosters economic growth of the IMD partners by supporting healthcare, research, program, technology commercialization and real estate development initiatives. The IMDC facilitates collaboration among clinicians, academic researchers, private industry and patients, acting as an independent third party convener that brings institutions and individuals together around common needs, goals and themes. Our mission is to be a leader in patient care and medical research utilizing our diversity and unique assets while driving economic growth.”

McKinney assumes her new position on September 21. We are confident that she’ll bring great meta-leadership to the role.