NPLI Alums Lead “Stop the Bleed”

On October 6, the “Stop the Bleed” campaign was launched at a White House event attended by some 200 invited participants. According to a White House press release, the purpose of the campaign is “to provide people with the tools to stop life threatening bleeding in the event of an emergency.”

The Bystander: Stop the Bleed Forum was introduced by Alice Hill (NPLI Cohort VIII), Senior Director for Resilience Policy, National Security Council, the White House. The initiative results from a unique collaboration among numerous government agencies and health care organizations, a truly enterprise-wide effort. Among the key leads of the effort – and moderator for many of its sub-groups – was Dr. Richard Hunt (NPLI Cohort I), a member of the White House National Security Council Staff responsible for National Health Care Preparedness Programs. A number of local initiatives were highlighted at the event, including the Stop the Bleed tourniquet kits that are being installed at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. This initiative is a current NPLI Meta-Leadership Project, led by James Mynatt (NPLI Cohort XIII), CLT Airport Operations Manager. Among the other highlighted projects was a Stop the Bleed Public Service Announcement video introduced by Charlotte Hyams Porter (NPLI Cohort V), Director of the Office of the National Advisory Council, Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Team You Can Act from Cohort XIII addressed this topic in their NPLI Meta-Leadership project. That team included Stephen Maloney of the Federal Reserve Bank, Stephen Ahern of the Cambridge Police Department, Eric DiNoto of the National Guard, James Mynatt of the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, Stacy Peerbotte of FEMA, and John Snyder of the Arlington County Fire Department. Download their final report to review their findings: Team You Can Act Team Report