NPLI Faculty Visit Singapore

Barry Dorn, Eric McNulty, and Rich Serino traveled to Singapore in late January to conduct a meta-leadership training to help the nation’s military and civilian agencies better coordinate and collaborate on preparedness and response issues. A publication of the Singapore Ministry of Defence described it this way:

To help senior officers from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) and various Government agencies come up with swift and effective inter-agency responses to large-scale crises, the SAF Centre for Leadership Development (CLD), supported by the National Security Coordinating Secretariat and Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre, organised the inaugural Crisis Leadership Programme.

The Programme consisted of a three-day course conducted at SAFTI MI from 26 to 28 Jan and a half day Mass Seminar at the Home Team Academy on 29 Jan. The Programme was facilitated by faculty from the Harvard University’s National Preparedness Leadership Initiative (NPLI).

40 senior officers from the SAF, Home Team agencies and nine ministries and statutory boards attended the intensive three-day Executive Course while 260 operational and staff officers from the SAF, Home Team, ministries, statutory boards and academics from local universities attended the half-day Seminar.

Participants of the three-day Course learnt, among other things, a highly practical Meta-Leadership framework that helps in their influence and decision making, leading their teams, leading across teams and leading upwards.

One participant commented, “I have picked up some useful takeaways such as the POP-DOC framework that I will be sharing with my colleagues.” Colonel Fred Tan, head of the SAF Centre for Leadership Development and one of the hosts, said, “There have been more crises and disasters in the region recently. I believe there is a demand for leadership skills in managing crises from a Whole-of-Government approach.”