Team You Can Act Continues to Lead on Preparedness

The recent attacks in Brussels again surfaced the question of the role bystanders can play in an immediate response. In the United States, momentum continues to build for the deployment of bleeding control kits in public places so that average citizens can more readily assist in saving lives. Team You Can Act (Cohort XIII) ran a pilot of such a program just three weeks prior to the White House roll out of a national Stop the Bleed program.

Team You Can Act has continued its work since achieving alumni status and recently published an article about their initiatives in Domestic Preparedness. They are the latest NPLI meta-leadership project team to remain involved in their project issue as a way of extending and amplifying their impact in solving a pressing challenge. We salute their dedication and ongoing meta-leadership on this issue. Look for bleeding control kits to become as available as defibrillators in the months ahead.

Richard Serino, former FEMA Deputy Administrator and current NPLI Distinguished Fellow, served as the group’s faculty mentor.

You can also find their full report here: Team You Can Act Team Report