Medical Lessons on Preparedness

NPLI program faculty member Dr. Eric Goralnick has been leading preparedness efforts at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital. In this interview with RadioBoston he shares lessons from Boston, Brussels, Paris, and more with RadioBoston. It’s worth the listen.

“Brussels joins a growing list of cities that have dealt with these types of horrific attacks that have left many people hurt and maimed, something Boston knows about all too well after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.”

Officials from Paris recently visited Boston to share lessons from those attacks. They reported that they, too, had learned from Boston as Boston had learned from London and Madrid.

“There is a tragic circle of learning among cities attacked by terrorists. Emergency planners in Boston organized the conference because they wanted to learn more about how Paris responded to the terrorist attacks there last fall, specifically how the city managed responding to attacks at multiple sites. Pierre Carli, the head of Paris Emergency Medical Services, was one of the organizers of the conference. He said Parisians had learned from other cities that had suffered terrorist attacks.”