Cohort XIV Returns to Cambridge

Cohort XIV of the NPLI’s flagship executive education returned to Harvard for its concluding session on June 14-17. Team projects ranged from cyberspace to the Arctic. They addressed the meta-leadership challenges of coordinating services for homeless vets, catalyzing preparedness for coordinated multiple terror attacks, and improving critical infrastructure resilience, creating crisis leader advisor certification and support networks,and more. Final projects will be posted to our website over the summer.

Guest speakers for the session included Julia Pierson, former director of the US Secret Service, Samir Kapuria of Symantec, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans (Cohort XII), and journalist Ted Koppel, with members of Team Arctic 8 (Rob Swertgager, Greg Solecki, Ted Koppel, Suzi Connor, and Eric McNulty).

Congratulations to everyone in Cohort XIV!