Remembering 9/11, 15 Years On

Every NPLI alumnus, faculty, and staff member has a connection to 9/11. Some were in at or close to sites of the attacks. Others were in the thick of the response and recovery efforts. While each anniversary of 9/11 is a time to pause and reflect, this one is generating greater interest in lessons learned and progress made in keeping the nation and its people safe.

NPLI Founding Co-director Leonard Marcus and Distinguished Visiting Fellow Richard Serino sat down with the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health podcast team to discuss responding to terrorism. They share lessons from the NPLI’s research on multiple incidents as well as Sernio’s experience as deputy administrator at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).
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Additionally, the NPLI’s director of research, Eric McNulty, contributed a piece to strategy+business on how 9/11 and the events of subsequent years have changed how think differently about risk and response. He notes, ” There are now enough case examples of novel events that challenge our imaginations and policies to compel every company to proactively discuss “What if…?” scenarios — an exercise that can build humane adaptive capacity into their processes and protocols.”