Team “Airport Too-Point-Ohh!” spreads CALM across Airport Incident Management Systems

Airports have become increasingly complex security environments, due to rapidly evolving safety concerns and the interplay of multi-jurisdictional and cross-sector stakeholders from airlines, to retail, to federal, state and local regulatory and law enforcement agencies. With this complex environment in mind, Team Airport Too-Point-Ohh! utilized the Meta-leadership framework to enable airport leadership to focus on the “whole airport community” and develop improved collaborative decision-making for crisis preparedness and response.

The team conducted interviews of aviation leaders at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport, which revealed a common theme of the need to build trusted relationships across sectors and organizational silos. The team also discovered that leaders were already employing Meta-leadership principles in their daily work. With this background, the team developed “Creating the Aviation Leader Mindset (CALM)”, a train-the-trainer model that allows airport leadership to formally adopt Meta-leadership principles as a guide to developing sustainable cross-sector collaboration. With diverse leadership experience from airport operations, law enforcement, emergency management, and public health and safety, the team continues to work collaboratively together and with airport leadership across the country to promote the CALM training program and adopt the “whole of airport community” decision-making mindset.

The team’s faculty mentor, Dr. Barry Dorn had this to say…“The Airport 2.0 group exemplifies how the NPLI builds leadership. They were a geographically separated group of people who had different interests initially coming into the NPLI. They then jelled as a group, defined an excellent project, and not only carried it to fruition but also carried it well beyond the NPLI. They also linked with a previous group from the Charlotte airport to help build the project. To accomplish their objectives, they used the 3 dimensions of Meta-leadership.”

The NPLI is committed to supporting leaders in aviation security as they endeavor to provide increased safety, improved passenger experience, and greater operational capacity in an ever-changing security environment. Recent work in this area includes the Aviation Security Meta-Leadership Summit at Boston Logan International Airport and a partnership with the Transportation Security Agency to provide Meta-leadership training to TSA executives. Team Airport Too-Point-Ohh!’s ongoing efforts through its CALM project greatly furthers this commitment.

The Team:

Martha Edge, Terminal Operations Manager Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Jonathan Greene, Deputy Assistant Secretary and Director of Health Threats Resilience Division, Department of Homeland Security

Maybelle Jadotte, Senior Manager of Business Continuity Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Karl Knott, Captain, Central Bucks Regional Police Department

Marisa Maola, Regional Director, Transportation Security Agency

Keith Robertory, American Red Cross Liaison to the Federal Emergency Management Agency