Cohort XV Project Teams Tackle Tough Issues

Team Meta-Six Presents

Each NPLI resident executive education program culminates in the presentation of team meta-leadership projects, developed and executed over six months between the opening and closing on-campus sessions. Students from public, private, and non-profit sectors work collaboratively to identify critical leadership challenges and identify solutions. This year’s teams tackled timely and difficult issues ranging from improved interventions to prevent deaths from opioid overdose, to developing a platform for “whole community” participation in disaster relief efforts, to enhancing cross-sector collaboration for improved cyber preparedness and response.

Each team works with a faculty mentor to discuss progress, challenges, and opportunities over the course of project development and implementation. Cohort XV demonstrated great dedication and innovation as they worked together to put Meta-leadership theory into practice while addressing ever-evolving challenges faced by leaders across sectors and agencies.

Team Airport 2.0: creating the Aviation Leader Mindset (CALM) using Meta-leadership training in the airport incident management setting to allow airports across the country to adopt the “whole of airport community” decision-making mindset.

Team Coin: recognizing the value of social influence in disaster relief efforts and sharing standardized risk communication training with community leaders to maximize effective outreach during a crisis.

Team Cyber Connectors: identifying roadblocks to effective information sharing and leadership in the cyber security arena, and employing Meta-leadership training to develop trusted information sharing partnerships to strengthen cyber preparedness and response.

Team Lighthouse: preparing elected officials to engage more fully in emergency preparedness by participating in planning efforts and building collaborative relationships before a crisis hits.

Team Meta-Six: building improved connectivity between the national Healthcare and Public Health sector and the nearly 3,000 State and Local Health Departments to foster increased stakeholder influence and informed action on behalf of local communities.

Team Open Store: leveraging public-private partnerships to improve disaster preparedness, response, and recovery efforts through creation of a standardized information sharing tool for locating private sector operational status and resources during crises.

Team Phoenix: mobilizing the private sector during response to terrorist attacks through development and roll out of an application called SG Biz Secure, linking building owners with government agencies.

Team Push 2 Breathe: fighting the opioid epidemic through provision of training materials, protocols, and best practices to local police departments for implementation of a program that allows the public, medically trained or not, to save a life by administering Naloxone to reverse the effects of opioid overdose. Team Push 2 Breathe is photographed above with the NPLI’s Andrew Schwartz, Richard Serino, and Dr. Leonard Marcus.

Team “Say It Here”: collaborating with local, state, and national government agencies and private sector stakeholders to identify pathways to operationalize a national-level platform for citizens to anonymously report suspicious criminal activity or crime-related information.

Click here for NPLI-Cohort-XV_Project-Summaries1. Keep an eye on our News page for updates as teams remain dedicated to the project goals they envisioned during the program and continue to lead positive change.