NPLI Alumni Present Team Project to California Emergency Services Leadership

Last month, NPLI associate director Eric McNulty joined the members of the Executive Education Program Cohort XVI in Sacramento to visit with the leadership of the California Military Department and the California Office of Emergency Services on preparing for and responding to an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) incident.

The NPLI alumni were members of Team Space Weather Acute Response Measures (SWARM), the meta-leadership team that as a part of their NPLI course developed a strategy to rethink their disaster preparedness plans during “Black Swan” events — high-altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) or coronal mass ejection (CME) — that would eliminate electricity and telecommunication capabilities we’ve all come to rely upon.


California has been looking seriously at this issue recently, and Team SWARM was invited to brief them on the findings of their project. The NPLI alumni have been invited back to participate in future meetings around this issue.

Pictured from left are Maj. Marc Cohen, Deputy Counsel–Cyber Defense, California Military Department, Col. Steve “Bucky” Butow, Space Portfolio Lead, Defense Innovation Unit Experimental, Eric McNulty, Associate Director, National Preparedness Leadership Initiative, Mark S. Ghilarducci, the director of the Calif. Office of Emergency Services, and RADM Steve Anderson, Judge Advocate General and Chief Counsel of the U.S. Coast Guard.