Leadership Key to Florence Response

NPLI alumni are once again at the front lines of responses to massive storms. Hurricane Florence, described as “the storm of the century” is dumping millions of gallons of rain on the eastern seaboard and driving significant storm surges. Coastal and inland flooding is widespread.

Through the media, NPLI Distinguished Senior Fellow and former FEMA Deputy Administrator Rich Serino has been noting the importance of leadership to the success of the response. In a piece for The Hill, co-authored with Mary McElman, Serino noted,

When we build a culture of preparedness we provide the foundation that enhances security and resiliency of our immediate area and thus our nation.

The news is full of examples of the Whole Community demonstrating to Florence that we are individually prepared and our leaders are collaboratively working alongside communities to provide disaster resources.

Serino has also appeared on BBC America and will be seen on CNN and CNBC over the weekend.