NPLI Faculty Comment on COVID19 Response

NPLI faculty members Lenny Marcus, Eric McNulty, and Rich Serino have all been active commenting on the COVID19 response in the media and through webinars and other channels. We will keep an update list of these appearances here. Some are behind paywalls and that is beyond our control.

In summary, their guidance is:

  • Leadership matters: At times of great turbulence, it falls to leaders to set the tone and tempo for their teams and the broader set of stakeholders. Within the organization, leaders should look to continuously increase clarity around what is happening and what is being done about it, including what is expected of the people in the organization. With external stakeholders, leaders should model and instill the importance of coordination and collaboration across organizational boundaries. In meta-leadership terms, leaders need to be thinking up, down, across, and beyond simultaneously;
  • Communication is key: An infectious disease outbreak is a fear-driven event for many people. Messaging from all levels of government and across sectors needs to be consistent and evidence-based, and it needs to meet the audience where they are emotionally and scientific literacy. Leaders should be speaking to and with people, not at them;
  • Adaptive capacity is essential: Despite statements to the contrary, COVID19 is not “under control.” A virus never is–though its spread can be slowed through effective containment. Leaders should stress that their guidance and policies will evolve as the outbreak unfolds. Preparing people for change gets them ready to pivot when necessary. The goal is order beyond control so that everyone knows what is expected of them and what they can expect of others. Values and principles should remain the fixed points which anchor the ongoing changes to the strategies and tactics best suited to each phase of the outbreak.

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