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CRJ logoWe are pleased to offer all those who register for the Fall 2021 Package deal (Core and Advanced Crisis Leadership) a free, one year digital subscription to the Crisis Response Journal. This global information resource covers all aspects of human-induced disasters and natural hazards, spanning response, disaster risk reduction, resilience, business continuity, leadership and security. Once we receive your registration the NPLI staff will email you a link to register for your free digital subscription. 

Crisis Leadership: Core Principles and Practices course  

Meta-leadership concepts and our exclusive, pragmatic toolkit equip you to rise to meet the crisis with confidence. Learn the essential “how to” for leading through complex situations and acquire the tools and techniques to be a more effective leader every day–and when it “matters most.”

You will benefit from almost two decades of research and practice. Meta-leadership starts with You: How do you define yourself as a leader? How do you become the leader you aspire to be? Then, understand your Situation: It is complex, urgent, and others are looking to you for guidance. Next ,build Connectivity: Who needs to be at the table and how do you establish unity of effort? You will have a framework for working the many facets of crisis and change. This is key to building adaptive capacity, resilience, and trust.

You will learn to:

  • Understand the panic response of your “emotional basement,” cognitive biases, and sub-conscious risk and reward calculations, and with this, how to get “smarter than your brain”;
  • Advance beyond situational awareness to inform your leadership decisions with deeper understanding in order to effectively guide others;
  • Identify stakeholder interests and build common ground to foster trust and inspire innovative solutions, so that conflict and distractions less likely hinder forward progress;
  • Explore how to lead critical pivots and shift the focus of activities to meet changing present and future needs, transforming what you do and how you do it;
  • Establish the underlying foundation to achieve mission-critical objectives by fostering the behaviors and synchronous action that are necessary during a demanding crisis.

We encourage applications from leaders in public, private, and non-profit organizations, national & international. These courses are attended by leaders and aspiring leaders in emergency management, C-Suite executive, law enforcement, business, intelligence, fire, health care and public health, military, cyber-security, humanitarian, philanthropic, security, community organizations, and more.

Program Dates:

Courses are four weeks; eight, 120-minute sessions held every Tuesday and Thursday

Fall 2021 course is in session.

Tuition: $1,995 per course. Credit cards accepted. 



We asked our alumni and here’s what they have to say about the Core course…

“This program provides a foundation for any professional who faces a leadership challenge in the midst of crisis. This holds true, whether it’s a simple, local, departmental challenge or if the challenge is far broader than that.” Mike Gordon, Joule Assets

“While it was refreshing to give a name to many of the leaderships challenges I have encountered during my career, it was explosive to identify tools that allow you to focus, pivot, and manage those challenges effectively.” – Wendi Ellis, Health and Human Services/Administration for Children and Families

“During a time when there is not a moment to spare, the time spent listening and engaging was worth every moment and provided some new approaches to leading through a crisis and each day.” – Sue Coppola, Sunrise Senior Living

Advanced Crisis Leadership: Innovative Strategies and Decisions course  

This course builds upon the Core course with in-depth, case-based discussions that explore the most difficult situations you face as a crisis leader. Leading requires thinking and acting strategically in a crisis, moving beyond managing the transactions of “now.” Much of COVID-19, like other crises, was predictable. The Meta-leadership mindset and tools help you see the big picture to analyze and anticipate what lies ahead, and prepare your team to be ready and confident. Gain the wisdom and insight to lead your organization to the best possible outcome.

You gain hands-on practice grappling with the tough tradeoffs and essential decisions inherent in crisis and change. Using discussions based on actual crisis situations, you will navigate difficult terrain and take effective action when everything is on the line. Faculty bring decades of field and academic experience to help participants get the most from each session.

You will learn to:

  • Discover how to build your influence beyond authority and how to lead up to your boss, thereby
    navigating the sensitive political/executive-professional interface;
  • Recognize the challenges of knowledge acquisition in a complex event –including the mysteries
    of COVID-19 -and develop proficiency in systematically “driving to the knowns”;
  • Discern the perspectives and interests of divergent stakeholders–and their conflicts -and how
    to systematically negotiate mutually acceptable solutions;
  • Distinguish the evolution of time in a crisis, and how to guide analysis, strategy, and decision-making
    over multiple “Arcs of Time,” from the initial crisis through conclusion;
  • Grasp the moral and ethical tests inherent in any high-consequence crisis and how to avoid
    going over the “No Line” that is your moral compass.

Pre-requisite: Crisis Leadership: Core Principles and Practices or a prior multi-day NPLI program in the past three years.

Program Dates:  

Courses are four weeks; eight, 120-minute sessions held every Tuesday and Thursday.

Spring 2022 course dates are TBD.

Tuition: $1,995 per course. Credit cards accepted.

Save $250 when you register for both the core and advanced program.


From the perspective of our Advanced course alumni…

“The Advanced crisis leadership course is icing on the cake for those who have completed the NPLI. It further refines ones meta-leadership skills and is an opportunity to join a new network of colleagues and friends.” – Dr. Carol Cunningham, Ohio Department of Public Safety, Division of EMS

“NPLI’s online advanced crisis leadership course offered the opportunity to hear directly from true masters of crisis leadership, discuss difficult problems with fascinating classmates from across the public and private spectrum. Notably, this was an advanced crisis leadership course and just as much, it was an advanced leadership learning experience. Outstanding experience all around. And the cherry on top… the sincere offers from faculty and classmates to stay connected and be available when any of us faces the next crisis.” – Brian Donadio, The Vanguard Group