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Student Photo“There are many good programs on leadership and a few good classes on crisis management; but no where have I found both of those presented so well together.  Having a forum with faculty who have been “boots on the ground” and can speak directly to the big and small moments of being a leader during crises was invaluable.  The principles and practices weren’t just taught “in theory” but rather demonstrated out of previous experience which made everything more relevant. And, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the peer group, the quality of my classmates was top notch and I’m so glad to have connected with many of them.”

Jill Gibbs
Business Resilience Manager
Navitaire, an Amadeus company

“Hands down, if you disconnect from work during this program it will change your life and honestly save lives.”

Chris Paquet
Senior Director of Policy and Strategic Initiatives
NYC Department of Health

California Air National Guard, 144th Fighter Wing

Caliber of Faculty
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“The NPLI is a great laboratory for interagency coordination and activity. The challenges discussed in the curriculum were truly interagency as were the teams and the solutions.”

John Washburn
Deputy Director, Commander’s Action Group
U.S. Northern Command

“NPLI changed my perspective on leadership. This course is broadly applicable, way beyond preparedness and response planning.”

Dr. Dana Meaney-Delman

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Student Photo“This program and the principles of Meta-Leadership give you permission to work purposefully and cooperatively in exceptionally adverse conditions, where competing interests may not be looking for assignment.”

Michael Hymns
Assistant Chief of Police
Los Angeles Airport Police Department

“The material and concepts taught are developed from successes and lessons learned by some of today’s most influential meta-leaders dealing with current events that affect us all.”

Nathan Herbert
Supervisory Special Agent
U.S Department of State

“The NPLI was the finest leadership course I have attended in my 27 year career. The opportunity to network with others in the public, private, and academic sectors has and will continue to serve me well for years to come.”

Scott Morris
Deputy Director for Preparedness and Response
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

United States Coast Guard

Benefit of Meta-Leadership Toolkit
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“I especially appreciated leaders walking us through real-world examples that they had lived and sharing a lot of detail and insight with us. The best day for me was when the tech wouldn’t work to send us to breakout rooms and we had a vibrant Q&A discussion, hearing everyone’s thoughts and freely using the chat window to further the discussion…”

Kimberly Hirsch
Manager for Advisory Services
Fusion Risk Management

Student Photo“This course takes apart the skills and tools you already have and offers alternatives for putting them back together in a manner that is most useful (and maybe unconventional) for the situation at hand. It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child.  This course emphasizes that it takes a community to succeed in the midst of crisis.  This program offers participants a new “community” to consult and lean on when needed. “

Brandye Terrell
Deputy Chief of Staff, Veterans Benefits Administration
Department of Veterans Affairs

“This course has already been invaluable, and my new skills have already helped change the dynamic in my team, and we are applying the principles every day. Lets put it this way, I’ve  asked to come back for the advanced session. Can’t wait to come back. I would recommend this course to anyone. From a budget and practical standpoint – the ROI on time and money, is without question one of the best on the market. Every minute counts at the moment, and this was worth investing every one of them. We were all sad to see each session close – which has got to be the highest accolade to a course.”

Elena Loboda
Budget Manager
Federal Aviation Administration

Florissant Valley Fire Protection District

Discovering Yourself as a Leader
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