Tuition Policy

Tuition Policy for Online Programs:

  • Please note that Online programs are not refundable or deferrable for any reason.

Tuition Policy for In-residence Programs:

  • Tuition covers instruction, materials, lodging, and most meals during the period where teaching takes place.
  •  If tuition costs are not paid in full prior to the opening session the candidate will have forfeited their seat. It is the candidate’s responsibility to secure funding upon receiving notice of acceptance into the program.
  •  Participants are expected to have their meals together and be housed as a group during their stay as group interactions are considered to be an integral part of their education and experience. Executive Education will take all practical measures to accommodate individual food and housing preferences as long as the participant declares those needs on the Confirmation Form at the time of enrollment.
  • If a participant wishes to obtain housing and or meals on their own, s/he should inform NPLI EEP in writing at least 3 weeks prior to the start date of the program, giving reasons for the request. While NPLI EEP Administration may grant such an exception, there will be no reduction made to the tuition or other fees charged to the participant or his/her sponsor.

Tuition Refunds and Deferrals for In-Residence Programs only:

  • If a participant is unable to attend a program as planned and is seeking a refund, s/he should send a written request at least 3 weeks prior to the start date of the program to the NPLI Executive Education Program Administration. Exceptions to the 3-week notice may be granted by the EEP Administration in cases of illness or family/work emergency.
  • If a participant seeks to withdraw less than 3 weeks prior to the program start date, (or simply does not show up for the program), s/he is obligated to pay the full amount of the tuition.
  • From time to time, a registered participant may be unable to complete a program (once it is in session) for various reasons. If a participant becomes ill or experiences a family/work emergency during the program session, the EEP Administration may offer the option to defer attendance to the next session of the same program at no additional cost.
  • In rare instances, the EEP Administration may determine that it is best for a participant to withdraw, with no deferral option.   For example, a participant may behave in clear violation of the HSPH policies on Rights & Responsibilities. In such an instance, the EEP Administration should inform the NPLI Co- Directors, and NPLI Exec Ed may offer a full or partial tuition refund.

Participant Substitutions & Scheduling for In-Residence Programs only:

  • Substitutions are generally not allowed in open enrollment or contract programs; exceptions may be made at the discretion of the EEP Administration.
  •  If a deferred participant does not attend the next scheduled session of the course to which s/he was accepted, the tuition will not be refunded or further deferred.  Any exceptions to this policy must be reviewed and approved in advance by the NPLI Co- Directors and admissions administration.