Emerging Leaders in Crisis

Be part of the NPLI Leadership Experience to last a lifetime.


Program Overview

Meta-Leadership for Emerging Leaders in Crisis provides the participant with the knowledge, skills, and tools to lead effectively in a crisis.  Through lectures, group discussion, and team exercises participants will increase their understanding of how to strengthen their internal leadership capacities, inspire those around them to follow, enhance techniques to lead up, effectively engage with partners and key stakeholders, improve their crisis communication competencies, and drive their teams and organizations toward higher achievement.  These new and improved skills will be tested in a dynamic group exercise at program conclusion to ensure they can be fully utilized when the learner returns to the workplace.

This curriculum will help participants to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of Meta-Leadership and how to apply the dimensions
  • Strengthen crisis communication skills by differentiating between non-crisis vs crisis situations in engaging all stakeholders
  • Develop skills to assess, engage teams, create a plan of action, and measure success, in order to drive sustaining, high achievement in organizations
  • Grow personal leadership style by learning how to cultivate relationships, resolve conflict, and develop others
  • Gain practical application of skills taught by participation in dynamic learning sessions
  • Utilizing mentoring as a tool to support lifelong learning

As a candidate for the ELC program and part of your application you will be required to individually choose a mentor.  Your mentor should be someone in a SENIOR leadership position whether internal or external to your agency. Your mentor will be required to meet with you to discuss your leadership goals, work with you on setting up a system to measure your progress, provide guidance and share their own leadership lessons learned, meet with you regularly, and provide the program a brief at the end of the mentorship period. This is a mandatory component of the program so please prepare this information prior to starting your application.

Please make sure to have your financial sponsor information ready as you will be required to submit it as part of the application.

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