Leadership Curriculum


All our training programs employ curricula that integrate conceptual rigor with pragmatic tools and techniques designed to improve ones’ practice. The curricula draws on research that includes:

  • leadership; human and organizational behavior; game theory; neuroscience;
  • negotiation; swarm leadership; communications and more.

Our teaching draws on faculty’s experience in and research on major incidents such as COVID19, Hurricane Katrina, the H1N1 pandemic, the Boston Marathon bombing response, super storm Sandy, and cyber security incidents.

Proven techniques are used in all our programs for adult learners and include combined faculty lectures, case discussions, exercises, action learning projects, subject matter experts, and small group work. Instructors intentionally draw upon the expertise in the room to create an active and enduring learning community.

Foundation of our Teaching: Meta-Leadership

The Meta-Leadership framework and practice method has been developed by NPLI faculty after extensive research on and observation of leaders in high-stress, high-stakes situations. It is designed to provide individuals with tools that are conceptually and practically rigorous so that they are better equipped to act and direct others in emergency situations. META-LEADERSHIP reframes the process and practice of leaders with: 1) A comprehensive organizing framework for understanding and integrating the many facets of leadership; 2) A method for catalyzing collaborative activity; 3) A focus on improving community functioning and performance.

The Meta-Leadership Toolkit

Our Meta-Leadership Toolkit contains 13 tools and frameworks to equip you to think and act as an effective meta-leader. Each has been developed by NPLI faculty through extensive research and field validation.  It is a suite of tools that when used together are assets to help you navigate complex situations and create the environment in which you and your team deliver sustainable high performance to meet or exceed mission requirements. Sample the Meta-Leadership Toolkit.

Register or apply today to one of our executive education programs to further explore these tools in depth and obtain an opportunity to apply them in scenario-based activities and other active learning exercises with peers from around the country.

Meta-leadership tools