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July 2019: Boston Red Sox and NPLI EEP Alumnus make a match

Colm Lydon, former Superintendent of Boston Police Department and NPLI EEP Alumnus takes position of Boston Red Sox’s Director of Security and Emergency Services.


7/17/19: NPLI Exec Ed Program Team Projects Address Major Challenges

The team projects provide participants the opportunity to practice the meta-leadership concepts, skills, tools, and techniques presented in the opening session in December 2018. Each team is charged with making tangible progress to address a real-world challenge. The teams – eight in total – all demonstrated the power of concentrated effort by high-performing teams. One example is Team CHiPS; they developed a scorecard to help community officials better understand…

5/23/19: NPLI EEP team presents at Public Health Service Scientific and Training Symposium

Not everyone is familiar with a potential electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event. Those who are can lose sleep over them. An EMP could result from significant solar activity or the intentional work of a malicious actor. No matter the cause, the effects would be extraordinary: the power grid would go down and anything with unshielded electronic components–from vehicles to ATMs to the cell phones–over a wide area would be permanently damaged.

5/22/19: Dr. Ciottone named incoming president of WADEM

Dr. Gregory Ciottone, who serves as the NPLI’s director of medical preparedness, has been named incoming president of WADEM, the World Association of Disaster and Emergency Medicine at their recent conference in Brisbane, Australia.


8/17/18: NPLI Faculty Peter Neffenger Featured in ‘Resilient World’ Podcast

Peter Neffenger, NPLI Executive Education Program alumni and faculty, was recently featured in the Atlantic Council’s Adrienne Arsht Center for Resilience “Resilient World” podcast. It’s hosted by Christine Wormuth, director of the Adrienne Arsht Center for Resilience. Listen here.


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Podcast Series: Lessons for Leaders

Join us every month for a new podcast episode on Leader ReadyCast! Featuring real-world lessons, best practices, and action-oriented insights for the “You’re It” moments when you are called to lead. Each concise episode features insights from frontline leaders and the faculty of the NPLI.

Your Host: Eric J. McNulty is the Associate Director of the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative. He researches, writes about, and teaches leadership, crisis leadership, conflict resolution, and negotiation in graduate and executive education at Harvard and other institutions. He is a regular speaker at conferences and corporate events. McNulty is co-author of You’re It: The Pivot from Everyday to Crisis Leadership (forthcoming), Renegotiating Healthcare: Resolving Conflict to Build Collaboration, and author of numerous articles. He is a contributing editor to strategy+business magazine and past contributing editor at Harvard Business Publishing. McNulty holds a B.A. in Economics from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an M.A. in Leadership from Lesley University.

Episode 15:  Lisa Hughes, Journalist and Anchor, CBS News Boston on Working with Local Media

How do you work with the media in a crisis? This is one aspect that continually vexes practitioners. Lisa Hughes is part of WBZ-TV’s team coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings and was on the media bridge at the time of the explosions. She was one of the first journalists reporting from the scene and has covered just about every major news event in Boston over the past 19 years. Take a listen to what she has to say.

Episode 14: Leading a Major Public Event with Major Richard Ball of the Massachusetts State Police

The spectacular July 4th Celebration with the Boston Pops is a tradition that began with Arthur Fiedler in 1929, and the greater Boston area has used events such as this as opportunities to train and learn. The high profile event draws crowds that swell to about a half-million people on the Charles River Esplanade with celebrants aligning parks and neighborhoods along both sides of the river. So how does the city and the MSP plan and prepare to keep everyone safe?

Episode 13: YOU’RE IT!

Today, in an instant, leaders can find themselves face-to-face with crisis. An active shooter. A media controversy. A data breach. This book takes you to the front lines of some of the toughest decisions facing our nations leaders. Leonard Marcus, founding Co-Director and Eric McNulty, Associate Director of the NPLI and two of the four authors of the book provide you with some background of what you can expect from the book.

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Alumni in the News


July 2019: Dr. Bechara Choucair, NPLI EEP Alumnus and Senior Vice President & Chief Community Health Officer, Kaiser Permanente tackles health disparities at a forum held in Berrien County.

July 2019: NPLI EEP Alum, Kellie Bentz and Head of Global Disaster Relief and Recovery, Airbnb, teamed with YourUpdateTV to discuss its’ Open Homes program that aides disaster evacuees and relief workers.

July 2019: Vice Admiral Scott Buschman, Atlantic Area Commander, U.S. Coast Guard and NPLI EEP Alumnus talks about preparation for 2019 hurricane season by updating bases, technology, and procedures.

July 18, 2018: Scott A. Buschman, an NPLI EEP alumnus, was recently promoted from Rear Admiral to Vice Admiral in the United States Coast Guard and assumed the position of Atlantic Area Commander.

July 12, 2018: Kevin Smith, an alumnus from the NPLI EEP Cohort XIII, was recently promoted to Director of the DHS Center for Faith and Opportunity Initiatives. You can learn more about that division and work in Episode 05 of LeaderReadyCast: “Keep the Faith.”

April 16, 2018:  Live Stream Event on April 16 from 1:30 – 3:00 PM.  Wendy Smith-Reeve, NPLI EEP Alumni and Deputy Director of DEMA, to participate on a panel discussion topic: “Ethics of Dissent: Exit, Voice, and Loyalty in Public Service”

August 24, 2018:  NPLI “Swarms” with Hoover Institution in Washington, D.C.

August 15, 2018:  Team “Airport Too-Point-Ohh!” spreads CALM across Airport Incident Management Systems