Case Histories

Case Histories in Meta-Leadership

Each case history presents meta-leadership lessons learned from events in which NPLI alumni have been involved and often where faculty were able to undertake firsthand observation and research.

2017 Hurricanes Response: Lessons-from-the-2017-Hurricanes-Dist-2018

2014 Ebola Outbreak: Lessons-from-the-2014-Ebola-Outbreak-dist-2018

2014 Ferguson, MO Unrest: NPLI-Case-History_Ferguson-Unrest_Dist-2019

2013 Boston Marathon Bombings Response: NPLI-Case-History_Marathon_Dist-2018

2011 Tropical Storm Irene Response in Vermont:NPLI-Case-History_Tropical-Storm-Irene_Dist-2017

2010 Deepwater Horizon ResponseNPLI-Case-History_Deepwater-Horizon_Dist-2017

2010 Massachusetts Water EmergencyNPLI-Case-History_MA-Water-Emergency_Dist-2017

2009 H1N1 OutbreakNPLI-Case-History_H1N1_Dist-2017

2008 Republican National ConventionNPLI-Case-History_RNC_Dist-2017

2008 Democratic National ConventionNPLI-Case-History_DNC_Dist-2017

2008 Iowa FloodsNPLI-Case-History_Iowa-Floods_Dist-2017

The following report distills lessons learned from leaders of response to terror attacks in London, Madrid, Israel and other non-U.S. locales; 2010 Tale of Our Cities meeting report