NPLI EEP Student Projects

Students of our residential executive education program are challenged to put the lessons they have learned during the program into practice through an action learning project. They are required to develop their own project idea that encompasses a real world problem in need of a better solution.  Collaborating in a team of 5-8 members, cross-sector and cross-agency, the team works together during the time between the opening and concluding program sessions to put forth a well-researched solution.

Read all about the impact our students are having in leading positive change in today’s turbulent times…

Team Lighthouse Gets Creative in Its Pursuit of Enhanced Collaboration with Elected Officials to Improve Emergency Preparedness Nationwide

Connectivity and collaboration across sectors, spheres of authority, and levels of government is becoming ever more crucial to the nation’s ability to effectively prepare for and respond to crisis situations. Team Lighthouse identified a major stakeholder gap in this connectivity and collaboration…Read More

Students Lead the Fight to Reduce Preventable Deaths from Opioid Overdose

The CDC reports that 91 Americans die each day from opioid overdose, with at least half of all overdose deaths involving prescription opioids. This ongoing and growing epidemic, recently declared a national emergency by the President, challenges leaders across sectors…Read More

Team “Airport Too-Point-Ohh!” spreads CALM across Airport Incident Management Systems

Airports have become increasingly complex security environments, due to rapidly evolving safety concerns and the interplay of multi-jurisdictional and cross-sector stakeholder…Read More

Team Tackles Cyber Challenges

L to R: Ron Banks, Eric McNulty, Lenny Marcus, and Steve LuczynskiCyber threats are emerging as a distinct and persistent challenge requiring new thinking on policy and action. Leadership is a key component to enabling agencies to better work together across government and for the public and private sectors to coordinate…Read More



NPLI EEP Team “You Can Act” Continues to Lead on Preparedness

Team You Can Act, Cohort XIIIThe recent attacks in Brussels again surfaced the question of the role bystanders can play in an immediate response. In the United States, momentum continues to build for the deployment of bleeding control kits in public places so that average…Read More


The Future of Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience: A Regional Approach

Today, critical infrastructure (including utility companies) depends more than ever on cyber technology, but small utility companies have limited means of defending against malicious cyber-attacks.  During Cohort 13, Team Cyber developed a reference guide for use by managers at these…Read More