Who Should Apply

The NPLI EE Program is designed for senior policy makers and operational leaders in federal, state, and local governments, elected officials, non-profit organizations, and the private sector in fields of emergency preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation roles as well as homeland security, intelligence, business continuity, and crisis management.

To be eligible for admission, the applicant must have strategic planning or operational leadership responsibility or be on a career track leading to such a position.  Admission to the program will be  made on a competitive basis and is based on professional achievement and organizational responsibility.

The following is a sample of participating agencies to the NPLI EEP:

American Red Cross * American Public Health Laboratories * Association of State and Territory Health Officials * Centers for Disease Control and Prevention * Department of Agriculture * Department of Commerce * Department of Defense * Department of Energy * Department of Health and Human Services * Department of Homeland Security * Department of State * Department of Transportation * Department of Veterans Affairs * Federal Bureau of Investigation * Federal Emergency Management Agency * National Counterterrorism Center * National Guard * Nuclear Regulatory Commission * Office of the Director of National Intelligence * U.S. Customs & Border Protection * U.S. Citizenship & Immigration * U.S. Coast Guard * U.S. Northern Command * U.S. Secret Service * Colorado Emergency Management Partnership * The Walt Disney Corporation * Tufts New England Medical Center * State Office of Emergency Management Agencies * State Public Health Departments * State and Local Law Enforcement Agencies * Local Elected Officials

The following is a sample list of titles:

Assistant Commandant * Assistant Secretary *Associate Director for Partnerships with Faith-Based Community Organizations * Associate Director for Emergency Response * Business Liaison Director * Branch Chief * Chief, EMS * Chief Medical Officer * Chief Supervisory Environmental Health Scientist * City Administrator * City Council Member * Commander * Command Surgeon * Commissioner * Communications Director * County Sheriff * Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy * Deputy Chief of Police * Deputy Director of Emergency Management * Director Biodefense Policy * Director of Business Continuity * Director for Emergency Preparedness * Director of External Affairs * Director of Medical Services * Director, Office of Crisis Management * Director of Security & Safety *  Director of Local Affairs *  Deputy National Incident Commander * Division Director * Emergency Web Team Lead * Federal Coordinating Officer * Fire Chief * Homeland Security Director * Homeland Security Planning Officer * Public Works Interagency Coordinator *  Regional Administrator *  Regional Emergency Manager * Senior Army Medical Advisor * Senior Associate, Vice President for Safety & Security * Senior Management Official * Senior Policy Advisor * Senior Regional Emergency Coordinator * Senior Regulatory Counsel *  Special Agent in Charge * State Epidemiologist Chief * Superintendent * Supervisory Security Specialist * Technical Director * Undersecretary